Local Businesses Support Nashua Performing Arts Center

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Nashua, NH – The Marzen Group LLC, a systems integration and engineering consulting company based in Nashua, recently committed a significant gift of $40,000 to the Nashua Performing Arts Center through the New Hampshire Tax Credit Program, according to Rich Lannan, President of Nashua Community Arts.

In addition, Marzen Group LLC President and co-owner Bob Blaisdell, along with his wife Marylou, owner of Design Wares on Main Street, have made a personal donation of $25,000 to the Performing Arts Center.

Martha’s Inc., the parent company of Martha’s Exchange and Brew Pub and Martha’s Sweet Shoppe on Main Street, also recently committed to a gift of $25,000 to the Nashua Performing Arts Center through the New Hampshire Tax Credit Program. 

And Bar Harbor Bank & Trust, a community bank offering a full-range of financial services for individuals, families, businesses and nonprofit organization in over 50 locations across Maine, New Hampshire and Vermont, including Nashua, has recently donated $15,000 to the Nashua Performing Arts Center project.

“Marzen has been located in Nashua since 1999 and we moved to Railroad Square in 2012,” said Doug Morris, Chief Architect and co-owner of Marzen Group. “We love working in downtown Nashua and are pleased to support the new Performing Arts Center knowing it will enhance the quality of life for everyone in the Nashua area, and help us recruit new hires,” he added.   

“We are grateful to see their commitments on both the business and personal level to the Performing Arts Center and their support for the arts are an economic driver for the City,” Lannan said. 

“Since 1932 Martha’s has been a landmark on Main Street in Downtown Nashua,” observed William (Billy) Fokas.  “We look forward to welcoming a new landmark next door – the Nashua Performing Arts Center – for the exciting entertainment and the economic impact it will bring to our city when it opens after the current coronavirus environment has subsided,” he added.

“The Fokas family has been investing in Downtown Nashua’s vibrancy for over 80 years.  We are grateful for their commitment to and support of the Performing Arts Center, and that they appreciate how it will increase the quality of life for everyone in the Nashua area as well as give the City an economic boost when it opens,” Lannan added.

“Bar Harbor Bank & Trust is pleased to partner with the Greater Nashua community of businesses, individuals, civic organizations, and foundations to support the Nashua Performing Arts Center’s Amplifying the Arts in Nashua capital campaign,” says BHBT President & CEO Curtis C. Simard. “It takes broad community engagement to realize a project of this scale, and we are excited with how the Center will lead to reinvigorating Nashua as a hub for artistic and cultural performances for all in the region to enjoy. We are also excited with how the new Center will play a significant part in increasing the vibrancy of downtown and serve as a catalyst for additional business investment over the next decade and beyond.” 

“We are grateful that another regional banking institution is committed to the Nashua Performing Arts project and understands the economic benefits it will bring to Nashua and the area, and how it will make Nashua a hub for experiencing the arts,” Lannan noted.  “We are honored that BHBT made this donation during a time of severe demands on the country’s financial institutions during the current health crisis,” he added.

The Nashua Performing Arts Center will be located at 201 Main Street in the heart of downtown Nashua. Designed by ICON Architecture, it will be a flexible venue with retractable seats in the main-floor audience chamber to accommodate diverse theatrical and musical performances, comedy, family shows, corporate and non-profit events, and celebrations such as weddings and other private gatherings. The Performing Arts Center will seat up to 750, hold up to 1,000 standing, and offer banquet seating for 270 people. 

Spectacle Management, Inc. of Lexington, MA will operate the Nashua Performing Arts Center.  Spectacle operates and books talent for seven other performing arts venues in New England and projects the Nashua Performing Arts Center will annually attract 70,000 people to Nashua’s downtown by year three of operations. 

Nashua Community Arts is the 501c3 nonprofit associated with the Nashua Performing Arts Center. For more information, visit www.nashuacommunityarts.org.